Triple 8 Lil 8 Helmet Review

Dual-certified for skateboard and bike, but the Triple 8 Lil 8 helmet is too heavy for many kids’ small heads. Read the review below to decide if it’s right for your child.

young boy wearing a triple 8 helmet


Triple 8 Lil 8 Helmet

RATING: Recommended


BEST FOR: Young, strong riders who can handle a heavier helmet and need dual-certification for skateboard use.

SIZE: 46 – 52 cm


WEIGHT: 509 g



  • Dual-certified for skate and bike use
  • Sweatsaver pads make for a more padded and less-sweaty fit
  • Padded chin strap
  • Dial-adjust system for the most accurate fit


  • Heaviest skater-style helmet we’ve seen – too heavy for the littlest guys

Triple 8 Lil 8 Helmet Review – Results of our Testing

Designed for the smallest shredders, Triple Eight‘s Lil 8 is the first Dual-Certified helmet designed specifically for toddlers, from the well-known skate and BMX company.  With all the same safety features as their adult models, the Lil 8 is well equipped to protect during skateboarding and biking. Several requirements are necessary to meet the dual certification, with one of the main begin additional coverage on the sides and back of the head. As a result, the Lil 8, like any skater-style helmet, extends farther down the back and sides of a child’s head as compared to toddler bike helmets.

T8 Lil 8 2.5

The additional coverage does come at the cost of additional weight.  While higher-end bike style helmets range in weight from 200 to 400 grams, the Lil 8 weighs 509 grams. As a result, the helmet tends to be “top heavy” on a toddler’s head and is prone to sliding back and/or to the side.

T8 Lil 8 1

While some testers were turned off by the weight of the helmet, others showed no signs of issues with the weight or fit of the helmet. Being rounder in shape than standard bike helmets, we found the Lil 8 to be a better fit for kids with round heads, than those with oval shaped heads.

T8 Lil 8 5

Inside the helmet, multiple pads help to increase the comfort level of the helmet. Above the buckle, a thick pad provides a soft space for the chin and prevents them from being pinched by the buckle. Triple Eight’s Sweatsaver pads also line the inside of the helmet for additional comfort.

T8 Lil 8 3

Unlike most skater-style helmets, the Lil 8 offers a dial-adjust system versus a pad-adjust system (when the helmet comes with various size pads to help adjust the helmet’s size). Properly fitting the helmet to your toddlers head is quick and easy as the helmet ratchets down to size by simply turning the knob on the back. The side straps also adjust with a slider, but unfortunately, they do not lock into place and often have to be realigned.

As required by dual-certified helmets, the Lil 8 is limited to the number of vents it can have and only has 10. While these small vents certainly help provide some air flow, our testers were quite sweaty after wearing the helmet. Parents, however, loved the look and feel of the helmet finding both the quality and the amount of coverage the helmet offered to be excellent.

T8 Lil 8 4

Bottom Line: A great helmet for skater, scooter or bike riding toddlers who are in the higher percentiles for weight or have a strong neck to hold up a heavier helmet.

Where to Purchase: The Lil 8 is available on Amazon for around $40 and comes in white, black, red, green and pink.  For maximum protection for your toddler, be sure to check out Triple Eights’ Toddler/Youth Knee and Elbow pads as well.

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