Triple 8 Little Tricky Knee and Elbow Pads Review

Triple 8 Little Tricky knee and elbow pads offer high-end flexible, full-coverage protection for kids. Great for skateboarding or biking, read our review below to see how they compare to the competition.

Triple 8 Little Tricky Pads Review

BEST FOR: The Little Tricky line is great for kids 4 to 8, while the junior-sized Saver Series is best for kids 8 and up.

RATING: Highly Recommended

MSRP: $39

Triple 8 Little Tricky Pads – Results of our Testing

Kids fall and while learning to ride a bike, some kids fall a lot. Whether taking off the training wheels for the first time or hitting the skate park, a good set of protective pads can certainly come in handy. When that time comes, Triple 8, a company known for their action sport protective gear, has you covered with durable, yet flexible protective pads for kids ages 4 and up. For the youngest kids, their Little Tricky set comes with elbow and knee pads, as well as wrist guards.  To get your child motivated to wear the pads, an instructional DVD which includes a video entitled “Kids Who Rip.”

Triple 8 Little Tricky Pad Set

T8 Little Tricky


Larger than toddler-sized pads, such as Strider’s, the Little Tricky set is sized for kids ages 6 to 11, but many users have found them to fit kids as young as 4 while others find them too small for their 8-year-olds. While we have not had a chance to test out the Little Tricky line, we were able to look over them at a trade show and found their quality to be superior to the standard set of pads found at big-box stores.  Complete with thick EVA foam and full-coverage cups, Triple 8 pad’s are fully equipt for sport rather than play.

For older kids, Triple 8 offers a junior size in the Saver Series combo pack, which we were able to test out. Designed for trick-loving kids and tweens, the junior-sized Saver Series, offers slightly thicker padding, more coverage and longer straps than the Little Tricky line.  Large for his age, our-five-year-old tester, decided to put the Triple 8 pads up against Strider’s toddler pads. While the Triple 8 pads are technically too big for him and the Strider’s too small, the overall quality and ergo dynamic differences between the two was readily apparent. Like most pads for younger kids, the Strider pads are made to protect from the occasional fall from a balance bike, not from regular falls one would expect at a skate park.  As a result, they are not very flexible and don’t stay flush with the body during falls.

Triple 8 vs. Strider Pads

T8 Pads 2

During falls, the full-coverage protective cups remained in place while the protective foam stayed close to the body. The wider straps additionally helped to better secure the pads and were more comfortable to wear.

T8 Pads 1

While essential for skateboarding or inline skating, the included wrist guards should not be used while biking as they prevent kids from fully gripping the handlebar.

T8 Pads 3

Lastly, be sure to order the proper pads set as, although the larger junior-sized set was able to fit our five-year-old without any problems, there was certainly excess strap that was bothersome at times.

T8 Pads 4

Bottom Line

Triple 8 pads offer high-end, flexible, full-coverage protection for kids aged 5 and up.  The Little Tricky line is great for kids 4 to 8, while the junior-sized Saver Series is best for kids 8 and up.

Where to Purchase

The Little Tricky and junior-sized Saver Series sets are both available on Amazon.

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