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woom 5 Review

Our favorite all-around 24 inch bike, the woom 5 is lightweight, nimble, and excels in a wide variety of riding conditions. In our review, we tested the woom 5 with 8, 9 and 10-year-olds to see how it compares to other top brands.

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RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: Your average rider on a wide range of terrains and distances, from simple neighborhood rides to longer paved trails and basic single-track.

SEAT HEIGHT: 26.4" - 32.3"

WEIGHT: 18.1 lb.

GEARS: 8-speed



Geared Bike





18.1 lbs.

Seat Height

26.4" – 32.3"

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size


Geared Bike Type

Beg. Cross

Brake Type

Dual Hand (No Coaster)




8/SRAM Trigger

Hand Brake Type


Available Colors

Red, Blue, Purple

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight with a low minimum seat height
  • Wide range of gears (8-speed) for tackling various terrains and elevations
  • Low center-of-gravity geometry for better balance and maneuverability
  • Easy-to-use grip shifters and other high-end components
  • Gorgeous, and with a nice variety of colors available
  • For some riders, the saddle can take some getting used to

woom 5 Review – Results of our Test Rides

10 year old girl riding woom 5 24" kid's bike at bike park

If bikes were high school seniors, the woom 5 would easily win Most Popular in the class. The woom 5 is a best-in-class kid’s bike that is as beautiful as it is functional. Designed for tackling long paved rides to moderate dirt trails, the woom 5’s versatility, light weight, and high-end components put it in the “dream bike” category.

9-year-old girl standing over her new WOOM 5 in blue and grinning, same girl riding the WOOM 5 down a slightly hill

And with 8-speeds for a wide range of gears and grip shifters for easy shifting, the woom 5 is sure to deliver both smiles and top performance for any kid lucky enough to take a ride. 



11 year old riding woom 5 on wood slat feature at Runway bike park

Delighted. If there’s just one word to describe our first tester as soon as she began riding the woom 5, delighted would be it. And if there’s one word to describe how I felt as I watched her ride, it would be jealous… But really, is it weird for a grown adult to be jealous of a kid’s bike? If only woom made a bike big enough for me! (I actually tried to ride the woom 5 but I was comically too big.)

woom 5 Excels for Various Types of Rides and Riders

1) 9-year-old girl standing up and riding the WOOM 5 2) Same girl riding her WOOM 5 next to her 7-year-old brother riding his red WOOM 4 3)Girl riding her WOOM 5 on a city street 4) 11-year-old boy riding WOOM 5 in the street of his neighborhood

Incredible, impressive, gorgeous, superior… the woom 5 is basically every superlative because it really is the best. Our testers loved riding it because it was smooth, light, and easy to maneuver. Toughing out our neighborhood hills became easier because there was “less bike” to weigh them down. Riding around the block over and over again was a blast because the bike was faster and so much more agile than they were used to. And long rides with the parents got a big thumbs up. From bike parks to root-strewn forest trails, riding is easy with the woom 5.

11 year old riding woom 5 at Runway bike park in Springdale Arkansas


Seat Height: With a 6″ seat height range of 26.38″ – 32.38″, the woom 5 fits a variety of kid sizes and has plenty of room to grow with your child. With the seat set 2″ – 3″ above a child’s inseam (so they can touch the ground with their tiptoes), the woom should fit kids with inseams approximately from 23.5 to 30.5″. Setting the bike seat this way allows for optimal leg extension while pedaling. As with any bike, it’s better to buy the bike when your child is on the lower to mid part of the spectrum so they have more time to grow with the bike.

While inseam is king when determining the best fit, a child’s height can also be used if needed.  The woom 5 is designed to fit kids 49″ to 57″ tall.  If your child is taller than 55″, however, woom recommends their 26-inch woom 6 as it will provide more room for growth.  If they are less than 49″, the 20-inch woom 4 would be a better fit.

NOTE: The sizing images below are from the 2018 model, which had a seat height range of 27.5″ – 34.5″.

Weight:  Weighing in at just 18.08 lbs, the woom 5 is the lightest 24″ bike that we’ve tested!

woom 5 Fits Kids Approximately Ages 8 – 11

3 kids standing over the WOOM 5. 1) 9-year-old, 25.25" inseam 2) 8-year-old, 26.25 inseam 3) 10-year-old, 28.5" inseam


Frame & Geometry

The primary selling point for a woom bike is that it’s designed and built for the specific proportions of a child’s body. As a result, woom frames are built with lightweight aluminum and with smaller, narrower components which allow for the bike to fit more naturally under a child’s smaller frame.

Rider’s Body Position: Like all of woom’s bikes, the woom 5’s frame and handlebar design, and overall geometry place the rider in a semi-upright position. This position is the most natural and comfortable for your average rider. More adventurous riders tend to prefer a more aggressive, leaned-in stance that allows them to shift their weight more easily as they tackle rough terrain or do tricks. For our testers that are really aggressive, they thought the woom was a great ride, but ended up preferring their more aggressive bikes.

woom’s Upright Geometry vs. More Aggressive GeometryGirl on WOOM 5 with upright body position, boy on Raleigh Rowdy with leaned forward, aggressive body position

The new 2019 woom 5 model now comes with an adjustable-height stem which allows parents to easily raise or lower the handlebars, also making the rider’s body position more or less aggressive.

Adjustable height stem on woom 5 tilts forward or backwards, allowing a child to be in a more aggressive or more upright position 

Q-Factor: With a narrower frame, the distance between the woom 5’s pedals (q-factor) is smaller than most bikes. Why do you care? Because a bike with a lower q-factor keeps a child’s feet more aligned with their hips and allows a child to pedal more efficiently by pushing directly down on the pedal. It results in a more productive and comfortable ride.

Bottom Bracket Height and Crank Length: The woom 5 also features a combination of a low bottom bracket and short crank arms, which together make it easier for a child to balance and maneuver the bike. The lower a child can sit in relation to the bike tires, the lower their center of gravity will be. That equals better balance and easier maneuvering!


The woom 5’s saddle is probably more like an adult bike’s saddle than anything your child has previously taken for a ride. While’s it’s designed to match the proportions of a child’s hips, it’s also more narrow like an adult bike’s saddle, but with more padding.

WOOM 5 saddle is more narrow and has less padding like an adult-style saddle.

The saddle can adjust slightly forward and backwards and can also tilt up and down. Once we fine-tuned the seat angle and distance from the handlebars, the seat became a non-issue. So if your child is one of the few that complains that the seat isn’t comfortable, you’ll be able to make a few easy adjustments to ensure their comfort.

Brakes and Tires

Brakes: The woom 5 features high-end dual Mini V-Brake handbrakes with levers specifically designed for small but growing hands to reach and engage. 

Tire tread, brake calipers, and child hand engaging the hand brake on the WOOM 5.

Tires: Mounted on woom’s super lightweight Soopa-Doopa-Hoops aluminum rims, the 1.5″ wide Kenda Small Block tires have an excellent grip that works well in wet or dry conditions while also featuring a smooth roll enhanced by the sealed bearing hubs.

The Small Details

The quality and craftsmanship are glaringly obvious as soon as you take the woom 5 out of the box. It truly is one impressive bike. While killing the competition in all the major areas that are most obvious, woom‘s secret power comes in its attention to details that no one necessarily expects, but surprise and delight every time.

From welding that’s superbly smooth to a kickstand and bell that are available as upgrades, woom seems to have thought of everything. The woom 5 also features a quick release lever on both the front and rear tires and a bike chain catcher that’s a simple piece of plastic that catches the chain if it tries to come off the chain ring. Simple, but brilliant!

One of our favorite small details is actually something woom just started to integrate onto all of their woom 4, 5, and 6 models.  The seat posts now come with a measuring scale on the back for easy re-adjustments when swapping outriders. At our house, the older kids regularly switch from bike to bike, so this has already come in super handy! Kid #2 is on 8 while Kid #1 is on 13. Easy peasy.

woom Bikes Excel in the Small Details

1) Saddle post showing measurement scale 2) Plastic chain catcher 3) Smooth welding 4) Child engaging bell 5) quick release lever on wheel of WOOM 5

Gearing and Shifting (Gain Ratio)

The woom 5 has 8 gears ranging from a 2.4 to a 6.8 gain ratio. With this wide range of gears, the woom 5 can do everything from fly down long paved roads to tackle steep hills. The gearing system features one chain ring in the front and a cassette of eight cogs in the rear, with a grip shifter on the right hand for gear changes. While there’s a continual debate about the merits of grip shifters versus trigger shifters, we prefer grip shifters for riders who are still mastering how to shift gears on a bike. The woom 5 features a SRAM X4 twister shifter.

Boy on WOOM 5 riding up a hill, girl on WOOM 5 riding down a hill

Because the woom 5 will be either your child’s first or second bike with gears, please take the time to help them learn how to shift properly. We’ve had several testers dislike bikes simply because they were riding them in the wrong gear! Gears are often a lot for an 8-year-old or even 11-year-old to worry about, but if they’re instructed well, a child will start to use them intuitively as they realize how versatile their bike is, making their ride much more enjoyable.

Cassette of 8 cogs on the rear wheel of the WOOM 5 and SRAM X4 Grip shift.

Ease of Assembly

Unwrapping the woom from its careful packaging was the hardest part of assembling the bike! The actual assembly took about 5 – 10 minutes and was very simple. I’m not the greatest at following assembly instructions and I had no problem at all.  To top it off, the bike comes with the two tools that you’ll need for assembly. woom bikes ship from Austin, TX, where the woom team prepares and checks every bike before shipping it to you.


The woom 5 is comparable to several other higher-end bikes, including the Frog 62 and Prevelo Alpha Four. We love all of these bikes and each has specific strengths, but the woom 5 is our favorite pick for all-around riding.

woom 5‘s combination of a more upright position, a wider gearing range and slightly wider tires make it ideal for beginning to intermediate riders on various surfaces.

Prevelo Alpha Four is the best of the lot for really aggressive riders.  With trigger shifters, an aggressive body position and wider tires, it’s ideal for beginning to intermediate mountain bike riders.

Frog 62 is the most adaptable of the bikes as it comes with two sets of tires (road and street tires), mud flaps, and a bell. Riders can choose which set of tires to use as well as whether or not to install the mud flaps.  Like the Prevelo, it comes with a trigger shifter, which is better suited for intermediate or more aggressive riders.

WOOM 5 Comparison

FeaturesWOOM 5Prevelo Alpha FourFrog 62
woom 5 24" kid's bike in bluePrevelo Alpha Four 24" kid's bike in Purpleislabikes frog 62 pedal bike 24" - red
Bike (link to review)WOOM 5Prevelo Alpha FourFrog 62
Best for:Great all-around, best for riders of various mild terrainsIntermediate trail ridersAmbitious neighborhood & light trail riders
Weight18.1 lb.21.2 lb.20.3 lb.
Seat Height26.38″ – 32.38″25.8" - 31.2"26" - 32.5"
Shifters8sp/SRAM Grip8sp/Shimano Trigger8sp/Shimano Trigger
Gain Ratio2.4/6.82.2/6.32.4/6.4


Bottom Line

The woom 5 is easily the best all-around 24″ bike we’ve tested. Rugged and nimble for moderate dirt trail riding, and plenty fast and comfortable for neighborhood or paved trail riding, the woom 5 is the perfect bike to take your all-terrain rider anywhere they want to go.

The woom cycling gloves seen on our tester can be purchased in the same colors as the woom bikes – red, green, blue, and yellow. Even if you don’t think your child needs gloves, they’re just an added element of fun and our testers looooved wearing them!


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