8 Best Beach Cruisers and Cruiser Bikes

Whether you’ll be cruising around the neighborhood, to the farmer’s market, or down the boardwalk, you can ride in ease and style with a beach cruiser or cruiser bike. Ideal for relaxed, casual rides, the swept back handlebars allow you to sit upright to take in the scenery in maximum comfort.

Cruiser bikes are simple by nature, but without complicating something simple, there are still several features you need to be aware of to choose the best beach cruiser for your budget and your body. We’ve personally tested every cruiser bike on this list to help you understand how they’re different and which differences will make the most impact on your riding experience.

Collage of beach cruisers from different brands - SixThreeZero EVRYjourney, Priority Coast, Retrospec Chatham, and Electra Townie Go! 7D

Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Cruiser Bike

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you can confidently answer all of these questions, you’re ready to start narrowing down your brand and color options, and choosing your favorite accessories. But if you’re unsure about any of your answers, click here to jump down to our How to Choose a Beach Cruiser Guide at the bottom.

  1. Frame Style and Size – Do you want a step-thru frame or a diamond frame? Frame style is also usually an indicator of sizing.
  2. Gears – Do you want a single-speed cruiser, or a cruiser with 3 or 7 gears?
  3. Brakes – Do you have a preference for a coaster brake (back pedal brake), hand brakes, or both?
  4. Riding with kids – Do you need to attach a child bike seat or trailer?
  5. Budget – The bikes below are listed in order from least to most expensive. In general, the more expensive the bike, the higher the quality.

Retrospec Chatham – 1, 3, or 7 Speeds

Best on a Budget

Retrospec Chatham beach cruiser bike in yellow, and bike basket accessory options.

MSRP: $249+
HEIGHT RANGE: Step-thru frame (29″ inseam minimum), diamond frame (32″ inseam minimum)
GEARS: 1, 3, and 7-speed options
BRAKES: Coaster on 1 and 3-speed, dual handbrakes on 7-speed
BIKE RACK: Retrospec recommends Ibera Bike Rack

The Retrospec Chatham Cruisers boasts impressive quality for a bang-for-your-buck price. If you’re looking for a basic beach cruiser and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Chatham is easily your best bet.

We took our single speed Chatham and 7-speed Chatham Plus all the way from Texas to Destin, Florida to test these cruisers in a true beach environment. Besides getting lots of compliments from fellow beach-goers on their vibrant colors, we loved how smooth and easy these bikes performed on the paved trails along the way to Seaside.


  • Quality build and a comfortable ride for an unbeatable price
  • Available in so many adorable colors!
  • Compatible with rear racks


  • Chatham cruisers are available in two different price tier levels – standard and Plus. For a small bump in price, the Plus model has an aluminum frame instead of steel (more lightweight and won’t rust), has wider tires, and rubber lock-on grips (instead of foam).

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

Fun Color Coordinated Bags and Accessories

SixThreeZereo EVRYjourney in teal with color matching frame bags and helmet

MSRP: $365+
HEIGHT RANGE: Step-thru (5’0 – 5’11), Diamond frame (5’5 – 6’5)
GEARS: 7-speed (1, 3, and 21 speeds sometimes in stock)
BRAKES: Dual handbrakes
REAR RACK: Comes with rear rack, weight capacity 45 lbs.

SixThree Zero has a couple of cruiser bike options, but the EVRYjourney is our favorite. While basic and budget-friendly, the quality is pretty solid for the price.

The EVRYjourney borrows the flat foot stopping (no tip toes!) idea from Electra bikes, so that you can stop your bike with confidence that you’re not going to fall over! The design requires the pedals to be placed farther forward than on a standard bike, which results in the rider pushing slightly forward rather than straight down on the pedals.

The overall effect is an even more laid back feel than a traditional beach cruiser, for true cruising vibes.


  • Every color option of the EVRYjourney has coordinating color-matched accessories – fenders and rear rack are included, bags, helmets, and water bottles are optional upgrades. They are SO cute.
  • The included saddle is plush and surprisingly comfy for a more budget-friendly bike
  • No coaster (back pedal) brake and strong dual handbrakes allow you to stop quickly and with confidence


  • The EVRYjourney comes in a lighter-weight aluminum frame or a more budget-friendly steel frame.
  • Included rear rack should NOT be used with a child bike seat
  • This cruiser bike has a higher “easy” gear than other bikes on this list. That means that in its easiest gear, it’s more difficult to climb hills. It’s also several pounds heavier (36.5 lbs) than the other bikes. If you live in an area with even moderate hills, this wouldn’t be the best cruiser for you.

Priority Coast

Best for Coastal Areas (Rust Resistant)

Priority Coast step through beach cruiser in blue with basket and rear pannier accessories

MSRP: $599+
HEIGHT RANGE: Diamond frame (5’5 – 6’5), Step-thru (5’0 – 5’11)
GEARS: 1, 3, and 7-speed options
BRAKES: Rear coaster brake with front hand brake
REAR RACK: Priority recommends Axiom Transit
CHILD BIKE SEAT COMPATIBLE: Front frame, rear rack
FULL REVIEW: Priority Coast

The Priority Coast is one of the best quality beach cruisers on the market, designed to be easy to ride and easy to maintain over many years.

And while the Coast is a beauty anywhere you want to ride it, its biggest benefit is that it features more rust-resistant components for a happy bike life in salty sea towns. Steel easily rusts in coastal environments, which is particularly problematic for steel frames and steel bike chains.

The Coast boasts an aluminum frame and fork, as well as a carbon Gates belt drive to keep your bike moving smoothly, no matter how much salty sea air it touches.


  • Belt drive (instead of a traditional bike chain) requires very little maintenance, and is very unlikely to ever fall off. It’s also grease-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting your pants or skirt dirty.
  • 3 and 7 speed models feature an internally geared hub instead of a traditional derailleur. The hub keeps the gearing mechanism safe inside a compact housing where it won’t get damaged.
  • Tires and spring saddle offer great cushioning for the ride
  • Fenders come standard in the same color as the frame
  • Every Coast comes with touch-up paint in case you get scratches


  • The two frame design options (step-thru and diamond) offer very different sizing ranges, with some overlap in the middle.
  • While you technically can use bike trailers and child bike seats with the Coast, there are better options for this task. We recommend looking at bikes with high-quality dual handbrakes for better stopping power.

Electra Townie 7D

Flat Foot Stopping (no tip toes!) for better control

Electra Townie 7D in pink, along with coordinating accessories. A bell, pink basket, and a bike bag.

MSRP: $629+
HEIGHT RANGE: Step-thru (4’11 – 6’0), Diamond frame (5’3 – 6’1)
BRAKES: Dual hand brakes
REAR RACK: Must use one of two specific racks from Electra – Electra Townie Alloy Rack and Electra MIK Rear Rack
CHILD BIKE SEAT COMPATIBLE: Front frame, for rear rack contact Electra

The Electra Townie 7D comes in a wide variety of bright and cheery colors, and is also one of the best-quality cruisers on this list. But what makes the Townie distinct from other cruisers is its Flat Foot Technology.

“Technology” makes it sound complicated, but it’s really quite simple. The pedals on the Townie are placed more forward on the frame, so that instead of pushing straight down on the pedals, you’re pushing slightly in front of you.

This allows you to set the saddle lower while still getting comfortable leg extension. A lower saddle means that when you stop, your feet can be flat on the ground – no more awkward or nerve-wracking tip toe stopping!


  • The Flat Foot technology creates a super laid back, relaxed ride feel
  • For nervous or timid riders, being able to stop your bike and have your feet flat on the ground is truly game changing. And even some of our very experienced riders loved it too!
  • Electra has an adorable assortment of baskets, bells, panniers, and racks.


  • Pushing the pedals in front of you instead of straight down does take some getting used to. If you’re an avid biker already, you might not like it… so go take one for a test ride at your local Trek shop first!
  • The Townie comes in a base model or a slightly upgraded (and more expensive) EQ model. The EQ has fenders and front and rear lights.

Electra Loft 7D

Better for Casual Commuting

Electra Loft 7D in burgundy color with bell and bag accessories

MSRP: $650
HEIGHT RANGE: Small Step-thru (5’0 – 5’8), Medium Step-thru (5’6 – 6’3)
GEARS: 7-speed
BRAKES: Dual handbrakes
REAR RACK: Loft 7D is only compatible with Electra MIK Rear Rack
CHILD BIKE SEAT COMPATIBLE: Front frame, for rear rack contact Electra

If you’re looking for the comfort of an upright ride but need to ride faster or farther than just casual cruising, the Electra Loft 7D was designed for you! Not technically a cruiser, this city comfort bike has larger wheels, thinner tires, and a wider gearing range than most true beach cruisers.

These features are designed to get you to your destination faster and more efficiently, but like beach cruisers, city bikes perform best on paved streets and sidewalks.


  • The build and design of this bike is very high quality, and is certain to turn heads. We especially love the chic frame – the tob tube behind the seat tube is split into two thinner parallel tubes
  • While the Loft 7D technically features Electra’s Flat Foot Technology, it’s not nearly as pronounced as on its other bikes. For commuting, this is a benefit because pedaling mostly straight down is more efficient than pushing the pedals out in front of you.


  • Compared to Electra’s 7-speed beach cruiser (the Coaster 7D) the Loft 7D is lighter and has a higher gearing range. Shaving a few pounds off your bike can help you ride faster, and higher gearing will propel you farther with each pedal stroke on flat and downhill sections.
  • The Loft 7D is compatible with Electra MIK Rear Rack
  • Don’t want to deal with a finicky derailleur for gear changes? The Loft 7i is a 7-speed internally geared option that requires less maintenance and is much less likely to get damaged.

Linus Dutch 7i

Classic Dutch Styling with Internally Geared Hub

Collage of Linus Dutchi 7i cruiser bike and bag and basket accessories

MSRP: $899
HEIGHT RANGE: Small Step-thru (4’10 – 5’3), Medium Step-thru (5’2 – 5’10)
GEARS: 7-speed
BRAKES: Dual handbrakes
REAR RACK: Comes with a rack, weight limit 40 lbs. (not suitable for a child bike seat)
CHILD BIKE SEAT COMPATIBLE: Rear rack, but you must replace the Linus rack with a rack that has a higher weight capacity. Linus recommends the Eco bike rack.

The Linus Dutchi 7i pairs the same comfy, upright body position and casual pedaling style of a beach cruiser with a slightly different frame design. The Dutchi is so called because its frame mimics a classic Dutch bicycle. In America, Dutch bikes are often preferred simply for their sophisticated style that manages to be vintage and modern at the same time.

We tested the 7-speed Dutchi, which offers the most flexibility for choosing a gear that fits your desired riding speed and elevation, but this casual cruiser is also available as a single-speed or 3-speed.

The 3 and 7-speed models have internally geared hubs that change the gears instead of a traditional derailleur. Housed inside the rear hub, the gearing mechanism is protected from damage and will rarely (if ever) need maintenance like a derailleur will.


  • With a minimum rider height of 4’10 on the small model, the Dutchi is the smallest cruiser bike on this list
  • Gears shift effortlessly for a truly smooth ride
  • The Dutchi is available in many muted, trendy colors for a classic and sophisticated look
  • The genuine leather handlebar grips are soft and comfy
  • Available accessories are fashionable and functional, adding to the overall European vibe of the bike (and it comes with a rear cargo rack!)


  • If you live in a hilly area, we highly recommend the 7-speed, which has the lowest gearing of the three options. This will make climbing mild or moderate elevations much more manageable.
  • Offered in 1, 3, and 7 speeds with an internally geared hub, the Dutchi is somewhat similar to the Priority Coast, but has a chain instead of a belt drive. The Dutchi also does not have a coaster brake like the Priority, which will be a big selling point for some riders who like to be able to pedal backwards.
  • Thinner tires (compared to most beach cruisers) aren’t as cushioning, so it’s best to stick to paved roads
  • The brakes required significant adjustments before they worked properly. If you’re not comfortable making these adjustments yourself, you can take your bike to the bike shop.

Electra Townie Go!

Flat Foot Technology, True Cruiser Feel (Electric Cruiser Bike)

Electra Townie Go! 7D in bright yellow and coordinating accessories - yellow helmet, leopard print basket, and llama bell

MSRP: $1,900
HEIGHT RANGE: 4’11 – 5’11
GEARS: 7-speed
BRAKES: Dual handbrakes, mechanical disc brakes
REAR RACK: Townie Go! is only compatible with Electra MIK Rear Rack
CHILD BIKE SEAT COMPATIBLE: For rear rack, contact Electra

If you love the bright colors and design of the Townie, but are looking for an even easier, breezier ride, an electric bike worth the splurge.

The Townie Go! 7D has a motor with pretty low wattage, which allows for a nice power boost while also requiring the rider to maintain a sustained low-effort. If you’re looking for an e-bike that still gives you the feel of a real bike, the Townie is a great option.


  • Flat Foot technology for easy stops and starts with your feet flat on the ground – no tip toes!
  • The battery is incorporated into the frame, which makes the Townie Go! look much sleeker than a traditional e-bike
  • The wide, cushioned saddle is super comfy


  • Because the battery is incorporated into the frame, you can’t remove the battery. As a result, you’ll need to store the bike inside in the cold winter months and hot summer months.
  • The Townie Go! does not have a throttle. Ebikes with throttles are against the law in many cities.

Priority e-Coast

Rust-free Belt Drive, speeds up to 28 mph (Electric beach cruiser)

Priority e-Coast in navy blue with coordinating metal basket and rear panniers

MSRP: $1,999
HEIGHT RANGE: Step-thru (5′ – 5’11), Diamond frame (5’5 – 6’5)
MAX SPEED ASSIST: 28 mph (but can set max speed assist to any MPH 28 or below)
BRAKES: Dual handbrakes – hydraulic disc brakes
FULL REVIEW: Priority e-Coast

The e-Coast is the electric version of Priority’s popular Coast beach cruiser, also offering the same low-maintenance and rust-resistant benefits. If you plan to go farther distances, or simply want a truly effortless ride you should absolutely consider an electric beach cruiser.


  • Low maintenance belt drive is grease-free, rust-free, and very unlikely to ever fall off
  • With a throttle and max pedal assist speeds up to 28 mph, this bike will get you where you’re going – fast!
  • The max pedal assist can be set to any mph below 28. This is pretty unique and is a huge benefit for less confident riders
  • Fat tires offer a smooth and cushioned ride, and also allow you to ride on packed sand


  • The rear rack is for cargo only, not for kids
  • E-bikes are difficult to transport via a car rack, and the incorporated rear rack on this bike makes it even more difficult to find a compatible rack.

How to Choose a Beach Cruiser – Short Buying Guide

woman riding Retrospec Chatham Plus 7-speed bike in Seaside Florida

Step-through frame or diamond frame (SIZING!)

Frame design is about style preference, but also about size. A classic, swooping step-thru frame (bike on the left) is one of the most distinguishing features of a beach cruiser. But beach cruisers also sometimes come with a slightly curved top tube (diamond frame on the right), which are generally marketed towards men.

Step Thru Frame vs. Diamond Frame

Collage of two beach cruisers showing step thru frame and diamond frame

Men and women can ride either frame style, but many riders prefer the swooping step-thru frame because it’s easier to get on and off the bike.

Beyond visual styling, the frame type also usually indicates sizing. Because the swooping frame is generally considered “women’s styling”, these bikes are usually smaller. The diamond “men’s frame” style is traditionally sized to fit a taller rider.

That said, most beach cruisers are designed to fit a very large range of rider heights. As an example, the Priority Coast step-thru frame fits riders (5’0 to 5’11) while the diamond frame fits riders (5’5 – 6’5). For riders who are in the overlap for sizing, you can choose which style you like best!

All of the bikes on our list are highly adjustable to make a comfortable fit for almost any rider within the indicated sizing range. Both the seat and the handlebars can be raised or lowered to accommodate your height and torso length.

Gears or Single Speed

Reminiscing back to your childhood, beach cruisers were almost always single-speed. Only one gear keeps the bike super simple and easy to maintain.

These days, most beach cruisers offer the option for gears (usually 3 or 7). Adding gears to a bike does increase its complexity and need for maintenance, but it also offers you so much flexibility to ride faster, farther, and tackle hills with ease.

If you will only ever be riding flat terrain, a single speed certainly has its benefits. But for most riders, adding the ability to change gears based on elevation and your desired speed is a huge benefit.

Coaster Brake or Hand brakes

Young woman riding Priority Coast down a dirt path

The coaster brake, or back pedal brake, is another classic, retro feature of a beach cruiser. Coaster brakes need very little maintenance and just keep things simple.

However, many beach cruisers now come with handbrakes. Like gears, handbrakes require more maintenance, but also added flexibility.

Quality handbrakes have more stopping power than a coaster brake, keep your feet free to place down on the ground as you’re coming to a stop, and also allow you to back pedal while you coast.

Riding with Toddlers in a Bike Seat or Trailer on a Beach Cruiser

Mom riding with child on front mounted child bike  seat

Most cruiser bikes can accommodate both child bike seats and bike trailers. That said, a bike with high-quality dual hand brakes is a safer bet than a bike with just a coaster brake. Gears are also preferred as the additional weight of carrying a child can be challenging even on slight inclines.

Bike Trailers

Kids bike trailer attached to Priority e-Coast electric beach cruiser

A bike trailer attaches to a bike via a hitch coupler on the bike’s rear axle. Most standard axles are long enough to add the coupler.

Hitch coupler for bike trailer

If your bike has in internally geared rear hub, you will probably need a special hitch adapter like this one. If you’re in the market for a bike trailer as well, check out our list of favorite bike trailers for kids. We’ve personally tested over 40 trailers!

Rear Mounted Child Bike Seats

Rear child bike seats can mount to a rack or to the bike’s frame. For beach cruiser style frames, we’ve found that in general, rack-mounted seats tend to fit better.

Every bike on this list has mounts for a rack, but… a HUGE BUT… just because a bike comes with a rack doesn’t mean that the rack is safe to use with a child bike seat. It also doesn’t mean that the bike’s frame shape will work with a child bike seat.

A rack for use with a child bike seat must have a high weight capacity – enough to safely hold the combined weight of the seat and your child. We use an Axiom Transit rack with our child bike seat on our Priority bikes.

Front Mounted Child Bike Seats

The tall stem of a beach cruiser is usually quite compatible with mounting a front child bike seat. With beach cruisers in particular, you’ll need a seat that mounts to the headset and moves with you as you turn the handlebars (like the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini).

Some front mounted seats, like the Weeride Kangaroo, attach to the frame of the bike. Seats like this stay stationary when you turn the handlebars. With very swooped, cruiser-style bars, the bars can hit the child when you turn them. We suggest avoiding this style of front-mounted seat if you’re riding a beach cruiser.

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