Bobike Maxi Tour

Child Bike Seat Review

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Great wrap-around head protection, but molded plastic shoulder straps don't stretch out and become too tight for kids before they outgrow the seat.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $189

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Mount Type:

Age Range: 9 mo. to 48 lb.

Additional Mounting: Rack not included, disc brake compatible

Reclines: 2

Quick Release: Yes


Like its smaller counterparts, the Mini City, BoBike’s Maxi Tour (also known simply as Bobike Tour) is well made and full of parent and child-friendly features.  To its quick and easy rack mounting system (rack not included) to its wrap around head protection, the BoBike is certainly one of the best-designed rear-rack mounted bike seats on the market, yet I cannot recommend it.  From the get go, we loved the Maxi Tour, but in the end our parting was quick, but not painless.

What We Loved

Compared to other rear-mounted rack seats, the Maxi Tour offers a lot more room for both the parent and child.  Set farther back on the rack than most, I was able to ride without making contact with the seat or passenger.

BoBike vs. ToPeak

While a smaller bike was used when riding with the ToPeak, the same rack was used to mount both seats and the BoBike clearly offered more room.  Adjusting the seat for various aged kids is also a breeze with the Maxi Tour.  By simply pushing up on a lever, the headrest raises and lowers in conjunction with the shoulder straps.  The black straps across the body also easily adjust in three different areas.  In addition, since the shoulder straps connected at the top of the seat (the shoulder straps snap into the seat below the headrest and are released by pushing the round black button on the top of the strap), you do not have to readjust the straps with every use as they maintain their previous setting.

BoBike Maxi size

We also found the soft wide straps of the foot rest to securely and comfortably hold a child’s foot in place.  The wrap around headrest was another standout safety features.  In addition to providing protection in the event of a fall, it also provided a place for a sleepy child to rest their head.
BoBike Maxi Features

 What Turned Us Off

While we truly loved the various features offered by the Maxi Tour, there were two main aspects of the seat that really turned us off.  First, while the molded shoulder straps provided offered much convenience and stability, their molded shape offers very little give and too tight for our preschool testers.

BoBike Maxi Straps2

Although the rest of the seat fit our tall 4.5-year-old tester, the straps were so unbearable for him that he refused to sit in the seat for very long.  Even in the picture above where he is smiling, he is pulling up on the straps to help alleviate the pressure.  While uncomfortable for preschoolers, they were not an issue for toddlers.    The mechanisms used to mount the seat to the rack, however, were problematic for all ages.  While quick and easy to install, we discovered the hard way that adhering a large bike seat to a bike rack with two small plastic tabs is simply unsafe and unacceptable.

BoBike Mount

As pointed out above, these two small tabs essentially hold the entire seat onto the rack.  And when they break, which our did, the ENTIRE seat comes off the bike with your child in it!  Luckily, due to the wrap around headrest and secure foot straps, our one-year-old was not hurt, but if the seat had fallen off while riding in the street, he very easily could have been killed.

BoBike Maxi r mount

After reading several reviews of the bike, I have yet to come across another incident of the tabs breaking, but regardless, I do believe the mechanism used to mount the seat is unsafe.  In addition, upon talking to the US Distributor of BoBike (who thought my experience was “weird”), I later sent him a picture of the broken tab to express my concern about the overall design and received no response.  So in the end, while the overall design of the seat is good, I believe the mounting system is unsafe and cannot recommend the BoBike Maxi Tour to anyone.

MSRP: $189

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 8, 2017

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