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Fun and funky styles with multiple internal pads, dial-adjust fit system, removable visor and dual-certification make the Nutcase Street great for kids riding around town. (Larger version of Little Nutty.)

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Product Specifications


Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Head Circumference: 52 - 60 cm

Weight: 430g

Internal Adjust: Dial

Skater Style: Yes

Construction: Hardshell

Vents: 11

Visor: No

CPSC: Dual

Reflector: Yes

Sizes Available: S, M

Size Info:

S: 52 – 55 cm

M: 56 – 60 cm


For preschoolers, they are uncomfortable and for grade-schoolers they aren’t “cool”. As a parent, getting kids to wear (and keep on) a helmet can be a challenge.  With the majority of kids wearing old, ill-fitting helmets that never stay in place, it’s no wonder kids don’t like wearing them.  With the mantra, “Fits your head. Suits your soul.”, Nutcase helmets set out to change that.  Designed to look as good as they protect, with Nutcase you can have your cake and eat it to. With funky designs, from hand-painted artworks to billiards eight-balls, paired with safety features such as full 360° visibility, a Fidlock magnetic buckle and a dial-adjust head cage, the Nutcase Street is sure to please both parent and child.

Nutcase Comparison (all three2)


Dual-certified for both biking and skating, the Nutcase Street is ideal for all-around adventurous kids who ride their scooters and bikes.  The impact from falls skateboarders experience are significantly different than those experienced by bikers, which is why two separate certifications are required.  As the popularity of skateboarding and Razor-type scooters increases (which appear to be largely responsible for a 40% increase in child injury rates), for most parents a dual-certified helmet is the best bet.  The stickers below are two examples of dual-certified helmets labels.  The one on the left is the Nutcase Street, while the one on the right shows a dual-certified with European (EN) standards.

Skate CPSC

The problem is, not all skater-style helmets are dual-certified and many of those that are, do not have adequate internal head cages and pads to keep the helmet properly in place.  Sticklers for safety, Nutcase loaded the Street with two layers of adjustability to ensure a proper fit. Three sets on internal pads, of various thickness, are included with each helmet as well as a dial-adjust head cage, allowing for a precise fit.


Each Nutcase helmet comes with a Fidlock magnetic buckle.  Easy to use and fun for kids to show off, the buckle is yet another reason why kids love wearing Nutcase helmets.  The accompanying soft chin-pad is an added bonus to encourage kids to not only wear their helmets, but to keep them buckled.

Nutcase 3.6

Blocking glare from the sun, the removable visor, a rare find in a dual-certified helmet, is a welcome addition.  Unfortunately, it easily falls out and was often lost.  Considering kids tend to drop their helmets next to their bikes and run off without a second thought, a tightly secured visor would be more practical.

Nutcase (S) Comparison 1


Due to the increased amount of coverage required, as well as the overall construction requirements of dual-certified helmets, they are almost always heavier and have less vents than traditional bike helmets.  As a result, for those whom only ride bikes, a traditional helmet are often more practical, but not nearly as fun :).

Nutcase 1.5

While testing the Nutcase, our 8-year-old tester had several helmets to choose from, but the style of the Nutcase Street was her clear favorite.  From mountain biking trails to balance bike races through the neighborhood, she happily and eagerly put on her Nutcase before headed out to ride.  After several sweaty rides, however, she did come to prefer the lighter and cooler traditional bike helmets for longer mountain bike rides.

Nutcase 2.5

Bottom Line

The dual-certified Nutcase Street is an ideal choice for kids on scooters, skateboards, and bikes.  Fun, safe and versatile, the Street is sure to be a hit for both parent and child.  Heavier and with less ventilation than traditional helmets, the Street is not ideal for extended bike rides.

MSRP: $70

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 11, 2017

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