Polisport Junior Bike Seat Review

Holding a unique spot in the child bike seat market, the Polisport Junior bike seat can hold kids up to 77 lbs! Unfortunately, the seat rests and guard mounts are likely to scratch the bike frame. Read the review below to see if the Junior is a good fit for your family!

stock image of polisport junior

Polisport Junior Overview

RATING: Recommended


BEST FOR: Families looking for a sturdy and reliable seat for transporting older kids who weigh up to 77 lb.

MOUNT TYPE: Rear rack

AGE RANGE: 48 lb. to 77 lb.


  • Easily mounts to rack
  • Holds kids up to 77 lb.!
  • Small and unobtrusive


  • Mounting mechanism can scratch frame of the bike
  • Kids don’t have a place to hold on

Polisport Junior Bike Seat Review – Results of our Test Rides

Polisport Junior

Designed for kids 48 to 77 lbs. (or to the weight capacity of your bike rack) the Polisport Junior is the perfect solution for quickly and efficiently dropping your child off at school or extracurricular activities.  Mounted to your bike rack, the Junior is designed to allow kids to simply jump on the seat, buckle the strap, throw their feet on the protective pegs and have you riding away within minutes.  Upon testing out the Junior, however, we learned that things were quite as simple as they seemed.

Mounting the seat

Like all of the Polisport seats we tested, mounting the seat to the rack is extremely easy. By simply tightening the black knob and red safety ring, the thick plastic grips underneath the seat adhere to the rack.

Guppy Junior 3

Once the seat is securely mounted, the leg guards and footrest must be added to protect the rider from the wheels.  Much to our surprise, the mounting brackets provided with the seat offer no protection to the bike from the bolts that adhere the mount to the frame.  Update: The Junior now comes with a “protective sticker” to prevent the frame from being scratched. Not wanting to risk scratch and/or denting our bike, we choose not to mount the foot rests and leg guards, therefore making the Guppy Junior un-useable.  To show just how the footrest work, were able to zip tie them in place for a picture but did not attempt to have a child use them.

Guppy Junior 2

To get a feel for how the Guppy Junior rides, we were able to take the bike out for a quick circle around our court. In doing so, I was surprised at how easy it was to ride with the additional weight on the bike. Like all child bike seats for older kids, balancing the adult bike while the child gets in and out of the seat was a bit challenging. In fact, due to the tall nature of the adult bike in use, our five-year-old tester could not get on and off the seat by himself.

Guppy Junior 1

Bottom Line

While great otherwise, until Polisport improves the mount that adheres the footrest and leg guards to the bike, we cannot recommend the Junior for people who want to prevent potential scratches and dents on their bike.

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