Weehoo Venture Review

Recumbent seating and five-point harness make the Weehoo Venture safe, fun, and efficient.  Venture model comes with panniers. Read our review for all the details!

**Weehoo Venture is no longer available, but the other models are available**


Weehoo Venture Review

RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: Bike commuters or families wanting the storage of a traditional bike trailer in an easier-to-use trailer cycle.


WEIGHT: 27 lb.


  • Low to the ground for a more stable ride for adult rider and child passenger
  • Great for single track use where trailers are too wide
  • Fits well on many different style bikes
  • Shoulder straps hold kids securely in place, even when they fall asleep
  • Side panniers are quite spacious


  • It’s large, so not the easiest to transport

Weehoo Venture Review – Results of our Test Rides

Around the age of four, kids are generally too big (and heavy!) to ride comfortably in a bike trailer, yet are too slow to keep up with their parents on their bikes.   Trailer cycles can be a good solution, but their high center of gravity can cause them to sway from side to side, they aren’t very adjustable and lack a harness to keep kids safe in the event of a fall.

Weehoo Venture Overview

For three-year-olds (and larger two-year-olds), standard bike trailers are also problematic.  Significantly wider then the bike pulling it, double trailers often get caught on posts, branches and curbs.  With two tires, trailers also bounces around on uneven surfaces such as inclines, potholes and rocks, creating a less than pleasant experience for its passengers.  Unique in design and function, the Weehoo’s line of trailer cycles, not only addresses these issues, they are also much more fun to use for kids and adults alike.

Weehoo Around Town

Fun for both rider and passenger, the Weehoo has been a game changer for our family.  Not eager to strap into a trailer, our three-year-old, as well as our six-year-old, both love rides on the Weehoo and often encourage us to get out and ride more often.  Whether dropping off at preschool or heading over to the park, the Weehoo is our favorite form of transportation.

Weehoo around town

Off-roading with the Weehoo

The slim nature of the Weehoo also makes it great for single track use, where trailers are too wide.  Avid mountain bikers (well, as avid as any busy parents with three young kids can be), the Weehoo has allowed us to share our love of mountain biking with all of our kids.  With one wheel, the Weehoo easily rolls up and over any rocks, dips and roots.  To prevent dust, dirt and water from flying up onto the rider, the Weehoo comes with fenders (now shown – we forgot to put ours on), based on our previous experience with our older model, glasses are still recommended to prevent dust in the eyes.  If you plan on riding in vegetative areas, be sure to take off the canopy as it could potentially get caught on sticks and branches.

Weehoo Venture trails

The Weehoo also works great on full-suspension bikes as long as there is room on the seat post.  The Weehoo shown below is the older model which is not compatible for 29ers, the newer model had a taller arm, allowing for more room.

Weehoo on the go

Mounting the Weehoo

The Weehoo easily mounts onto any round (non-carbon, non-dropper) seat post, but does require 1.75″ of space between the seat collar and the bottom of the saddle. Six plastic shims are included to ensure all standard size seat posts will fit. The newer Weehoo’s also fit on a 26″, 29″ or 700c bike (shown above), while the older versions (if you are considering buying used), will only fit on a 26″.  Mounted to the seat post, the Weehoo easily swivels around and clears the rear tire, but as a result, it does require considerable space to turn around.

Weehoo hitch

Harness, Foot Straps, Panniers and Canopy

The developers at Weehoo are constantly looking for ways to improve their products. Our first Weehoo is almost three-years-old, and while it is still going strong (the quality of Weehoo’s is exceptional), the updated foot straps, optional $99 canopy, seat mount (where the seat attaches to the trailer) and pannier made it worth the plunge to buy a new one (Weehoo doesn’t provide free products for review, but did grant me a discount).

One of our constant issues with the last model was how to strap on a balance bike.  Our little guy loves to ride, but not for long distances, so he often gets a lift.  At first, we thought we could strap the bike to the rack (shown in the off-road set of pictures above), but later found it easier to strap it to the canopy poles with a bungee cord, which remain on the seat even if the canopy is removed.  We also found the spacious panniers on the Venture model extremely useful. On a day to day basis, my son’s school backpack (and helmet after drop off) easily slide in with room to spare.  During family rides, the panniers hold everything from lunches to patch kits.  Lastly, the foot straps on the old model were challenging to use, but the Velcro and elastic bands work great on the new model.

Weehoo Venture Features

Folding and Storing

The trailer arm, seat and panniers easily come off the Weehoo for easy storing and transporting.  When going on family rides, we have put our Weehoo on a roof bike rack as well as in the back of our older Toyota Sienna.  At home, we store it vertically in the garage with a bike hook mounted to our bike rack made of 2×4’s.

Weehoo folded

Weehoo Models

Weehoo has three models, the Venture (shown here) for $489, the Turbo, which is the same, except it has smaller saddlebags, and the  Two, which has two seats, but only the front rider pedals for $519.  Many older models have shown up on sites such as eBay, but they will not fit on at 29″ or 700c (hybrid) bike.  The quickest way to tell the difference between the old and new models is tubing.  The new models have square tubing along the bottom while the older models have rounded tubing.

Bottom Line

A must-have for any bike friendly family. Whether navigating around town or single-track trails in the woods, the Weehoo will make riding easier and more enjoyable for the whole family.

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