World’s 10 Most Intriguing Balance Bikes

Whether you’re just channeling your inner Robin Leech or are looking for the most intriguing balance bike on the market, these balance bikes are sure to draw attention.  From disc brakes to carbon fiber frames, suspension, and electric bikes, these mad machines are sure to get your little rippers out on an adventure!

Commencal Ramones 12″

While the basic build of the Ramones is great, it’s optional disc brake upgrade is what makes it the most intriguing.  For kids who need to stop on a dime, the Ramones certainly offers some amazing stopping power.

MRSP: $219 plus $82.50 for disc brake upgrade.

STANDOUT FEATURE: Disc brake upgrade

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE:  Kids 35″ – 41″ tall.  (Seat heights not provided)

WEIGHT: 9.7 lb. (without brake)

BMW Balance Bike

Yep, that BMW.  They make a convertible balance bike!  While much more popular in Europe than the U.S., BMW’s convertible balance bike features cushioning 14″ wheels, a hand brake (although it’s on the front wheel) and a zipper pocket to store treasures you find along the way!

MRSP: $297

STANDOUT FEATURE: Converts from balance bike to a pedal bike.


WEIGHT: 13 lb. as a balance bike, 17.6 lb. as a pedal bike


3 year old riding Kokua balance bike

While certainly not new to the market, the Jumper is still on top of its game as the only balance bike to come with a shock.  Ideal for skate parks, the Jumper is the ultimate riding machine for young tricksters ready to jump off anything you put in front of them.

MRSP: $329

STANDOUT FEATURE: Adjustable shock

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE:  13.4″ – 18.5″

WEIGHT: 7.5 lb.

Dimond Miner

4 year old riding Dimon Miner balance bike

Beautifully sleek and modern, the Miner is just as much a mighty machine as it is a work of art.  Built with a carbon-fiber fork and frame, the bike is lightweight while still featuring a threadless headset, sealed bearings in a machined hub, and Kenda tires.

MRSP: $329

STANDOUT FEATURE: Carbon fiber frame and fork, machined hub

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: 11.8″ – 15.8″

WEIGHT: 6.1 lb.

Monkey Cycle

monkey cycle convertible balance bike

Half tinker toy, half performance bike, the Monkey Cycle can convert from a balance bike to a tricycle, a quad cycle and even a bicycle.  With EIGHT different configurations, the Monkey Cycle is perfect for engineering-minded kids who want to “design” and “redesign” their bike over and over again.

MRSP: $449

STANDOUT FEATURE: Converts to various types of bikes


WEIGHT: 7.9 lb. balance bike to 19.4 lb. for quad

Black Mountain Pinto and Skog

Black Mountain convertible balance bike with frame that gets longer

Converting from a balance bike to a small pedal bike and then a large pedal bike, Black Mountain bikes are able to fit kids through several stages of their young riding careers with a bike frame that actually gets longer!  The gearing can also be changed from a low gain ratio in small bike mode to a higher and faster gain ratio in the large bike mode.

MRSP: £339.00

STANDOUT FEATURE: Converts from small balance bike, to small and then large pedal bike.  Elongating frame, belt drive, dual-hand brakes.

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: Pinto – kids 35″ to 43″ in height. Skog – kids 40″ to 48″ in height.  (seat heights not provided)

WEIGHT: Pinto – 12.5 lb. in pedal bike mode.  Skog – 13.4 lb. in pedal bike mode.


MAAMUU SOLO balance bike in orange

With one look at this beauty, just about any kid would be clammering to take it for a spin.  Built with exhaust pipes, slick road tires, and disc brakes, the Solo is designed to look and function like a motorcycle, but with your child as the engine!

MRSP: CHF 427.02  (~$430 USD)

STANDOUT FEATURE: Motorcycle-inspired design, disc brake


WEIGHT: 12.7 lb.

STACYC Stability Cycle

STACYC electric balance bike

Available in a 12″ and 16″ sizes, STACYC’s balance bikes are electric!  To help kids safety learn, the bikes come with three speed settings – low (5 mph), medium (7.5 mph), and high (11 mph).  While the bikes aren’t currently available, the company was just acquired by Harley Davidson, so the will readily available soon.

MRSP: $649 (12″), $699 (16″)

STANDOUT FEATURE: Electric motor!

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: 13″ on small bike,  17″ on large (not adjustable)

WEIGHT: Not provided

Strider ST-R

Strider ST-R carbon fiber balance bike

Built for the toddlers, or their parents ;), who simply want the best, the Strider ST-R is the Rolls Royce of the balance bike world.   From carbon fiber frame and fork with recessed axle bolts, to the Cane Creek headset with carbon fiber handlebars and Schwalbe Big Apple tires, the ST-R is the ultimate balance bike ride.

MRSP: $899

STANDOUT FEATURE: Carbon fiber frame and fork, recessed axle bolts, machined hubs, Schwalbe Big Apple tires, Cane Creek headset.


WEIGHT: 5.6 lb.

Lawless Balance Bikes

Lawless wooden balance bike

A true work of art, Lawless motorcycle-inspired balance bikes are simply beautiful.  Hailing out of South Africa, they aren’t widely available, but they sure are pretty to look at!

MRSP: Priceless! (Only available for purchase in South Africa and they have quite the waiting list!)

STANDOUT FEATURE: Modern wood design

SEAT HEIGHT RANGE: Varies with model

WEIGHT: Varies with model

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