Uvex Quatro Junior Review

Well-designed, durably-built, and featuring a unique buckle that’s truly pinch-free, the Uvex Quatro Junior is one of our favorite kids’ bike helmets. Read the review below for all the details!

young boy wearing a green Uvex Quatro bike helmet

Uvex Quatro Junior

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: A top pick for 4 to 5 year olds (50 – 55cm), or older toddlers in need of a deeper helmet. True non-pinch buckle makes it very suitable for kids antsy about being pinched.

SIZE: 50 – 55 cm


WEIGHT: 265 g


  • Precise fit for young kids’ heads – designed for kids who are too old for toddler helmets, but still too small for most youth helmets
  • Unique, pinch-free, ratcheting buckle
  • Durable in-mold construction prevents the shell from warping or cracking
  • Dial-adjust internal fit system
  • Easy-adjust chin straps with soft chin pad


  • Too narrow for wider heads

Uvex Quatro Junior Review – Results of our Testing

The Uvex Quatro Junior is a uniquely sized helmet designed to fill a much-needed gap between toddler and youth size helmets. Toddler helmets are designed for smaller heads, so they’re smaller and shallower than youth helmets.  Youth helmets are deeper to fit larger heads, but are often too bulky for preschoolers.

The Quatro is designed to be the sweet spot in between – large enough for kids ages 4 to 8, without the extra bulkiness that often comes along with youth helmets.  The Quatro’s slimmer fit (fits heads 50 – 54 cm) is due to its narrower sizing fit.

With only 4 cm of sizing range versus the standard 7 to 8, the Quatro fits snugger and there is much less excess space around the inside of the helmet. As a result, the Quatro won’t produce the “bobble-head” effect with preschoolers like a youth helmet often does.

5 year old riding his bike and wearing the Uvex Quatro kid's bike helmet in green


The Uvex is built with in-mold construction that offers years of durability and performance.  Hailing from Germany, Uvex is a well-established helmet brand used by many top athletes around the world. The construction of the Uvex is top-notch and is in line with or better than the construction found on larger, more well-known brands such as Bell and Giro.


The Quatro fits heads with heads 50 to 54 cm in circumference. We tested out the Quatro on kids ranging from 4 to 8 and found the Quatro to be very accommodating on heads of various sizes and shapes.  Our testers had head circumferences ranging from 50 to 53 cm and were easily able to adjust the helmet to fit each one. As always, measure your child’s head first before you buy to make sure you are buying the right size helmet.

5 year old, 6 year old, and 7 year old wearing the Uvex Quatro helmet in green

The one downside of the Quatro’s unique size is that it does provide less room for growth and kids will outgrow it sooner than they would a traditional youth helmet.  How long your child will fit in the Quatro depends on your child.

Our main tester has been wearing the helmet for 4 years, but other kids may outgrow it within a year or two. To get the most out of the Quatro, we recommend purchasing the Quatro if your child has a size 50 or 51 cm head.

The narrower size range of the Quatro allows the helmet to sit more flush against the head and to be less floppy on smaller heads.  Although the range is narrow, our main tester, shown below, has been wearing the Quatro for the past three years and it still fits perfectly!

6 year old riding his bike and wearing the Uvex Quatro helmet in red

To accommodate the traditional head shapes of kids in the 4 to 8 age range, the Quatro is intentionally more oval in shape as compared to “toddler” helmets, but wider compared to “youth” helmets.

As shown below, you can see that the Bell Nomad “youth” helmet is longer and narrower than the Quatro, while the Uvex Hero “toddler” helmet is rounder than the Quatro.  These slight changes between helmet shapes are consistent with the average child’s head becoming less round and more oval as they age.

side by side shot of helmets upside down to show the shape of the inner cage. Bell Nomad is long and narrow. Uvex Quatro Junior is in-between, and the Uvex Hero is round

The shape of the Quatro is also unique in-depth and rear coverage.  The Quatro is deeper like a youth helmet (sits closer to the eyes) but still has extended coverage on the back like a toddler helmet. These images also show the difference in “bulkiness” with the Quatro being less bulky than the Nomad, while still being larger than the toddler-sized Uvex Hero helmet.

Differences in Helmet Depth and Rear Coverage

Side by side comparison of 7 year old wearing the Bell Nomad, the Uvex Quatro, and the Uvex Hero. The Uvex Hero sits much higher on his head than the other helmets.

Monomatic Buckle and Locking Sliders

In addition to its unique size, the Quatro also features Uvex’s “monomatic” ratcheting buckle.  Having used many different types of buckles throughout our years, Uvex’s buckle is certainly my favorite.  Its unique design ratchets in place, versus snapping like a traditional buckle. We’ve found Uvex’s buckle to be easier to use and essentially pinch-free.

The beauty of the ratcheted system is that it allows you to slowly snap the buckle together.  This prevents the child’s skin from accidentally getting caught while the buckle is snapping shut.  With traditional buckles, the snap goes together quickly and it’s very challenging, if even possible, to slow the buckle down when snapping it shut.

racheting buckle of the Uvex Quatro kid's helmet

To help keep the chin strap stay secure and in place, the Quatro features a locking slider.  The slider on a helmet is located just below the ear and connect the two straps of the helmet together.  To provide for a proper fit, the slider should be adjusted along the strap so it brings the two straps together to make a triangle just beneath the ear.

Locking sliders on the Uvex Quatro kid's bike helmet

Most sliders are NOT locking and constantly slide around, leading to the need for continual adjustment.  The Quatro’s sliders are locking which help keeps the alignment of the straps secure.

Vents and Optional LED Light

To maintain proper airflow, the Quatro is well ventilated with 13 vents.  The front three vents have mesh to help keep the bugs out.

For added visibility, Uvex offers an optional LED light that easily pops into one of the rear vents.    The light is easily activated by pushing the white triangle.  The red LED light can be set to blink or be continuous.

Optional LED light inserted into the Uvex Quatro kid's bike helmet


Uvex offers a great line of kids sunglasses.  Our testers have used and loved Uvex glasses for years.  In addition to protecting delicate eyes from the sun, they help keep dust and dirt out during trail rides.  Best of all, their glasses are super durable, even kid-proof. 🙂  Our testers have bent and twisted the glasses over and over again and we’ve never had a pair break!

7 year old wearing and then bending Uvex kid's glasses


There aren’t a lot of other helmets specifically designed to bridge the gap between child/toddler helmets and youth helmets.  The Bell Sidetrack Child and the Giro Scamp, however, are similar enough to warrant a comparison.

Uvex Quatro Junior: The best option for toddlers or preschoolers who need a deeper helmet or any kids age 4 – 8, especially those antsy about being pinched by a buckle.

Bell Sidetrack Child: Best for kids with a head circumference less than 50 cm, who need a helmet that’s deeper than a traditional toddler helmet.

Giro Scamp: Our top toddler helmet, the Scamp is rounder in shape and best for the littlest of kids. It’s generally a great fit for most toddlers and preschoolers.

Uvex Hero: Smaller and more shallow than the Quatro, the Hero is ideal for toddlers with rounder heads, especially those antsy about buckles.

Uvex Quatro Comparison

Helmet Uvex Quatro Bell Sidetrack Child Uvex Hero Giro Scamp
MSRP $49 $40 $39 $40
Size 50 - 54 cm 47 - 54 cm 49 - 54 cm 45 - 53 cm
Buckle Type Monomatic Traditional Monomatic Traditional
# of Vents 13 15 13 8
Sliders Locking Non-locking Locking Non-locking

Uvex Quatro Bottom Line

Well designed, durably built, and complete with features adults are sure to envy, the Uvex Quatro Junior is one of our top picks for ages 4 to 8, especially those in need of a deeper helmet.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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